This woman deserves a round of applause and a throne of gold. This is the most realistic & amazing thing for someone to say for this generation of students. I wasn’t able to go to college this year because my parents can’t afford to send me and I had every scholarship, grant, loan known to man and it still wouldn’t work. Finally someone gets it!

Our hero.

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I cannot continue to feel sorry for something that happened more than a year ago. If I am at all apologetic, it is because we became equated.


Allstate has launched a beautiful campaign aimed at members of the LGBTQ community. Thanks, Allstate! <3

Heart strings have been pulled




Men who can’t cook, clean, or even do their own laundry are not “cute” and “in need of a woman to care for them”. They are spoiled brats so dependent on gender roles that they never bothered to learn the minimal skills to take care of themselves.


I thought I’d be less repulsed/offended/surprised when I found all the porn.


Let’s bolt